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Schedule and Fees

Active in the Musashinitta, Ontakesan, Yukigaya-Otsuka, Numabe, and Senzokuike areas of Ota Ward!


schedule 2021-04-01 002855.png

Except for Saturdays, please note that classes may be changed or cancelled depending on the availability of reservations due to the use of public facilities. In particular, Sundays often coincide with events, so please check the latest schedule before attending practice.

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Chidori Jujutsu Academy:1-4-4 2FYaguchi,Ota-ku,Tokyo

Senzoku Kumin Center:35-2, Kamiikedai 2-chome, Ota-ku, Tokyo

Minemachi Cultural Center :7-1 Denenchofu Honcho, Ota-ku, Tokyo

※If you would like to know more about the dojo and karate, please visit the Ota Branch Youtube page!※


Fee 2021-03-29 173521.png

※We have changed the fee as shown in red, based on the current practice conditions of the adult class members. Please note that we may make adjustments again depending on changes in the practice environment.


1. If you are a junior high school student, you can participate in adult class for the price of the kids class.
2. In addition, there is a separate fee for other items such as dogi, supporters, etc.
3. shirts and supporters for other sports are fine for practice, but if you are participating in an official belt promotion examination or match, you must use official supporters.
4. If you are transferring from another branch, you do not need to pay a admission fee. Instead, a transfer processing fee of 2,000 yen will be charged.
5.Renewal of federation registration is required from the year following admission (renewal fee: 4,400 yen (per year)).
6.Sports insurance must be renewed in April of each year.

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