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What is "Kudo"?

Hello. I'm Nakamura, the branch manager. Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.

I know that many of you have never heard of "Kudo", but it is a really interesting sport and there are many good things for children's development.
Let me give you a brief explanation here!


<What is Kudo? >
The rules of Kudo include punches, kicks and other strikes, throwing techniques like judo, and joint and choke techniques from a ground position, so in a sense anything goes. That's why! It's a martial art full of possibilities and diversity where you can freely think of combinations and fight in your own style. By the way, children are not allowed to punch in the face. In a match, you must wear arm, leg, torso, full-face mask, and protective gear.


<I've never heard of Kudo or Daido Juku? >
There are many people who have never heard of Kudo or Daido Juku, but Kudo is a global martial art with over 100,000 enthusiasts in 50 countries. Daido Juku is the organization that oversees the practice of kudo. 
As an athlete myself, I have traveled to Cuba, Mexico, Colombia, Korea, England, Cyprus, Russia, and many other countries.

I am still in touch with the friends I met through karate, and it has been a great opportunity for me to expand my horizons as a person from rural Nagasaki.
I hope that my dojo students will not only practice but also have many experiences through Kudo that will broaden their horizons.


<As a Budo>
I would like you to learn Kudo as a Budo in Ota branch, so let me explain a little about education. To summarize, we believe that knowing yourself cultivates imagination, and treating others with that imagination leads to compassion and courage.
The contradiction of learning teamwork while learning to attack others, and showing courtesy to others while enduring frustration... I hope that you will learn from these experiences and become a person who can act with compassion and courage. It would be too long to write more than this, so if you could ask me some questions at the dojo!


<About our branch>
Kudo includes a lot of movements, and it can stimulate many motor skills such as instantaneous power, judgment, and balance in a well-balanced manner by using the whole body. In addition to this, the Ota Branch wants the students to acquire the ability to choose and think for themselves among a large number of techniques. Ideally, they should know what they're good at and what they're not so good at, so they can figure out their own style and develop it!

As for the adult class, let's have fun as an adult club activity!  I'd like to work together with everyone to make a good place.

Well, it's a long story, but a picture is worth a thousand words! Please come and see for yourself. ( it would be helpful if you could contact me in advance here.)

​​※If you want to know more about the dojo and Kudo, please visit the Youtube page of Ota branch. For more information※

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