Branch Chief Tomohiro Nakamura



2018 Fifth World Championship -230class 2nd place
2017 3rd Asian Championship -240class Winner
2014 4th World Championship -230class Winner
2014 2nd Asian Championship -230class Winner
2013 All Japan Free-weight Championship - 2nd place
2012 All Japan Free-weight Championship - best 4
2011 All Japan Free-weight Championship - best 4
2010 1st World Cup in Russia - 230class 3rd place
2009 3rd World Championship -230class 2nd place

Born in Nagasaki. Started judo at elementary school and finished in the top 4 in the prefecture. After only 3 years of competition, he was selected to represent Japan at the 3rd World Championships in Kudo, and won the second place, the highest ranking of the Japanese delegates.
Afterwards, he worked for a large general manufacturer, but left to become a world champion.
He spent his days studying as a staff of the headquarters of daidoJuku, and won the 4th World Championships.
After a two-year hiatus and a major career change from overseas sales to software engineer, he participated in the world championships for the third time in 2018. He became the first Japanese to be a finalist in three consecutive world championships.
In 2019, he opened a branch in Japan to train future generations.